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Overhaul and general repairs of jetting and other machines

Our assembly teams deal with repairs every week, fromold jetting machines from provenance "Skoda" type TTP, TS, TMSO 2, 4, PTB3, PTB5, TMZ, PT from partial repairs of throwing wheels MZ 320, TJM 380, MZ500 to general overhaul of blasting machines.

Do you have a blasting machine from another manufacturer? Or do you just want a technical assessment of the setting of the blasting track, an analysis of the abrasive, whose filter settings?

We can advise where others stop and offer new, that is one of the reasons why our customers seek us out.

The second is that we will not give up and that we are on call when you need it.

  • Not satisfied with your current jet maintenance and operating costs?

  • Is your blasting machine up to date?

  • Doesn't your machine deserve professional care?

  • Isn't it possible to increase performance and reduce operating costs?

  • Do you need someone to advise you on whether your repair costs are appropriate?

  • Thinking about buying a new jet?

Assembly and disassembly of technological lines

We carry out complete disassembly and assembly of technological units of assembly lines. The pictures show the disassembly of the "LOST FOAM" casting line. The technology was then assembled by our company in Ukraine.

In addition to the mentioned complete assembly, we also deal with partial repairs of foundry equipment and facilities, such as granulators, dome furnace fan replacements, air duct distribution (exhalation, suction pipes).


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