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We have a range of spare parts for jetting technology from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

We only select parts that are designed to provide the best performance and reliability.

We offer different types of nozzles, filter systems, hoses, pipes, compressors and other components.

Spare parts are available at competitive prices and ready for quick delivery to minimize disruption to your production.

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Below you can read the reasons to take care of regular replacement.

Spare parts that should be monitored and changed regularly to increase work efficiency


A key element of the blast box that determines the size and shape of the applied stream of material. There are many different types of nozzles that are used depending on the type of material being applied. Replacing the nozzle at regular intervals can help keep your blasting equipment in optimal condition, leading to greater efficiency, lower operating costs and longer equipment life.

Changing the nozzle in the blasting equipment is important for several reasons:

  1. Wear: Nozzles wear out with use and internal holes enlarge. This can lead to a deterioration in the quality of the nozzle output and a decrease in the performance of the device.

  2. Efficiency: A properly designed and functional nozzle is key to achieving optimal performance of the blasting equipment. When the nozzle is out of order, it can cause inefficient output and high material consumption.

  3. Operating costs: If the nozzle becomes excessively worn or clogged, it can increase the consumption of compressed air and therefore increase the operating costs. These costs can exceed several times the price of a new nozzle.

Jet hose:

A quality jetting hose is key to achieving optimal performance of the jetting equipment. Therefore, it is important to choose hoses from reputable manufacturers and to regularly check and replace them in case of wear or damage. Proper maintenance of the jetting hose can help ensure efficient and safe use of the jetting equipment.

Wear: The main reason for replacing hoses is material wear due to use and contact with abrasive materials. Worn hoses can lead to inefficient output of material and deterioration of the quality of the resulting surface.

Safety: Worn hoses can crack or tear, which can create an injury hazard to the blaster operator and surrounding personnel.

Efficiency: Properly functioning hoses are key to achieving optimal blaster performance. If the hoses are excessively worn or damaged, they can cause an increase in compressed air consumption and therefore an increase in operating costs. These costs can exceed several times the price of new hoses.

Replacing blast hoses at regular intervals and in the correct location can help keep your blasting equipment in optimal condition, resulting in greater efficiency, lower operating costs and longer equipment life.

Clutches and brackets:

The reasons why couplings and holders should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary are as follows:

Wear and damage: Hose and nozzle connections are subjected to high pressure and repetitive motion, which can lead to wear and damage to couplings and holders. These components must be in good condition to ensure safe and reliable operation of the jetting equipment.

Abrasive material leaks: Damaged or worn couplings and holders can cause abrasive material and compressed air to leak, which can lead to inefficient operation of the jetting equipment and increased abrasive consumption.

Easy hose replacement: Properly functioning couplings and holders allow quick and easy hose replacement, making maintenance and cleaning of the jet equipment easier.

Regular inspection and replacement of couplings and holders can help ensure reliable and efficient operation of the jetting equipment and reduce its operating costs.

Worker protection:

It is necessary to ensure that suitable spare parts are available for the protection of the worker, such as protective masks, shields and protective suits.

Protective mask : is used to protect the face and respiratory tract from dangerous particles and chemical substances that can be released when working with blasting equipment. There are different types of masks   (nova2000, nova3, EXTREME, ASTRO,)

Protective Labels : Replacement labels for blasting masks are essential to maintain the safety and protection of workers when working with blasting equipment. It is important to regularly check the condition of the labels and replace them if worn or damaged to ensure the maximum level of protection against hazardous particles 

Protective suit: Clothes for protection when working with blasting equipment should be made of durable material and protect the body from hazardous substances and particles. Clothing should also cover all parts of the body and be easily removable.

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