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Implementation of a paint booth for PODHORAN LUKOV a.s.

  • Industry:

    Agriculture and allied production

  • Classification:

    Paint booth with VOC elimination technology

  • Type of device:

    10.5 x 6 x 5.2 m paint booth with hydraulic container lifting platform with connection to recovery glycol unit and VOC disposal

The PAINT CABIN is equipped with technology for the capture and disposal of VOCs produced by the surface treatment workplace of wet painting. Volatile organic emissions will be reduced using a combination of zeolite rotor (ZR) capture technologies with continuous rotor desorption using a regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) system.

Containers in the cabin are handled using a recessed hydraulic platform, which speeds up painting while minimizing handling of the part.

The air-conditioning unit of the paint shop is equipped with recovery with a glycol circuit with a high effect of economy of operation (reduction of gas consumption of the paint shop burner).


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